Chronic pharyngitis: symptoms and treatment

Does your throat hurt? Do you have a need to clear your throat frequently or the feeling that your throat is always dry? If these symptoms are dragging you for a long time and you do not finish healing, maybe it's because you're suffering from chronic pharyngitis .

Acute pharyngitis badly cured and repeated over time can cause this condition and the disease to become chronic. Although there are other causes as well.

Especially people who use their voice a lot, like teachers, singers or announcers should take care of their throat. Tobacco and alcoholic beverages, once again, contribute to aggravate the problems and may even be the cause of the appearance of chronic pharyngitis .

There are home remedies that will come very good to relieve the discomfort of a chronic pharyngitis and take care of our throat.

Next, we will find out more about this disease, its symptoms and we will give you some very effective remedies for that you always have them at hand.

What is chronic pharyngitis

Chronic pharyngitis: symptoms and treatment

Chronic pharyngitis is inflammation and irritation of the pharyngeal mucosa with chronic character. Unlike what happens in acute pharyngitis, in chronic pharyngitis there is no infection, however, the condition of frequent infections or poor cure of these, does have as a consequence that the mucosa of the throat gets irritated.

  • While in acute pharyngitis the symptoms disappear after a week, in the chronic the discomfort does not go > or, if they do, return again .
  • The diagnosis of chronic pharyngitis is based on the clinical examination > of the patient in search of the typical symptoms of the disease. Additional tests can also be ordered for confirmation of pharyngitis of doubt among disorders with similar symptoms, such as sinusitis, tonsillitis, and Sjogren's syndrome.

Symptoms of chronic pharyngitis

The most common symptoms that will manifest a chronic pharyngitis are a throbbing pain in the throat, the need of clearing our throat as if we wanted to expel something that we had stuck in the throat and a sensation of having a dry throat. Many times, it will be accompanied by the expulsion of phlegm.

The throat with chronic pharyngitis can also look red and swollen . Sometimes there are other symptoms such as persistent cough, hoarseness, fever and runny nose.

Chronic pharyngitis: symptoms and treatment

Chronic pharyngitis can be divided into the following symptoms depending on how it is.

  • Simple chronic pharyngitis. In which the symptoms of the Simple chronic pharyngitis are the foreign body sensation in the throat , cough, feeling of dryness in the throat, pain in the neck and swallowing. No fever
  • Hyperplastic chronic pharyngitis . In this type of chronic pharyngitis the wall mucosa of the pharyngitis becomes thicker, granular and reddish. There is abundant, dense and colorless discharge. There is almost always a foreign body sensation in the pharynx. Nausea and vomiting are frequent.
  • Dry chronic pharyngitis . In chronic dry pharyngitis, the posterior wall of the pharynx dries and secretes crusts. This type of chronic pharyngitis is related to climatic variations or changes in temperature . The pains usually worsen in places of dry and hot weather.There is a possibility of small hemorrhages when spitting.

How long is chronic pharyngitis?

Usually, , a factor that differentiates it from chronic pharyngitis, which as we know can persist for a truly unbearable period of time. However, we should not underestimate having acute pharyngitis and wait for it to end without taking any action, as this indifference can inevitably trigger a series of reactions that can cause more problems in the throat, which can lead to the chronic form of pharyngitis.

Consult your mod doctor who can tell you the best way to treat acute pharyngitis, especially if it lasts longer than Expected.

Causes of pharyngitis

Unfortunately, there are innumerable possible causes that make the Acute pharyngitis is a pathology more than common among the world population; The causes of acute pharyngitis can include broad views of an individual's daily life, including their lifestyle, their habits, their level of physical health, genetics and so on, but in general we can define the main causes of acute pharyngitis are:

Causes chronic pharyngitis

Cold and viruses

Some viruses and bacteria may be responsible for acute pharyngitis. Nowadays most cases related to acute pharyngitis seem to derive from the appearance of the viral or bacterial infection caused by numerous viruses and microorganisms in the air as a result of air pollution, or exhalation from people who already suffer from acute pharyngitis. Bacteria such as streptococci from the group A or Staphylococcus are not often associated with the development of common sore throat, as well as advanced forms of pharyngitis, for which specific drugs are very often needed eliminate viral or bacterial infection and restore correct throat health. Consultation with your doctor is essential to diagnose your case and select the ideal cure to overcome acute pharyngitis and its intolerable symptoms.

Weak immune system

Occasionally, chronic pharyngitis appears as a consequence of a weakened immune system. Therefore, it is important to see the doctor and find out what are the causes of our sore throat, especially when these discomforts do not finish healing or reappear again and again, as they could be manifestations of another underlying disease.


Stress can also be behind these ailments in the throat and manifest with very similar symptoms to those of a chronic pharyngitis . In addition, people with anxiety tend to have low defenses.Non-smokers who are exposed for a long time to passive smoking are also exposed to the same risks, albeit in a lesser way.

People who drink a lot of alcohol can also suffer irritation and inflammation in their throat. And the same happens with those others who have to force their voice a lot, as is the case of singers, professors or announcers, among others, who spend the day raising their voices and submitting their throats to efforts. This type of people are exposed to suffer from chronic pharyngitis .

Environments closed

Being in environments closed can lead us to end up suffering from acute pharyngitis. Many times being in places with many people and without hardly ventilation can make us end up infected by virus including those mentioned above, which cause pharyngitis. On the other hand, although it is not so common anymore (because it is forbidden), being in a closed environment in which many people smoke can also lead to a case of chronic pharyngitis.

On the other hand, environmental conditions can also cause the appearance or worsening of pharyngitis, such as exposure to dry and humid environments, dust, smoke, drafts or certain agents and chemicals.


People with allergies often suffer from nasal drip (A disorder that is characterized by the problematic decrease mucus along the back of the nose to the throat linked to the excessive production of mucus itself) are often affected by problems such as sore throat and hoarseness.

Chronic pharyngitis treatment

Pediatric age

Pediatric age is a risk factor for the onset of a sore throat or a pharyngitis; the most affected band is one that ranges between 4 and 7 years. Although most sore throats are of viral origin (adenoviruses are generally involved), children are more likely to develop group A beta-hemolytic streptococci from strep throat.

Chronic sinusitis

People with chronic sinusitis are more prone to sore throat and sore throat than others, because a l continuous descent of the infected nasal pharynx. In other cases, it is related to nasal respiratory obstruction caused by turbine hypertrophy, polyps deviations from the nasal septum and allergies ; and all of them are processes in which the conditions are almost similar to those that give rise to non-specific chronic inflammation that affects the respiratory tract so that pharyngitis and sore throat are one of the consequences of these conditions.

Treatment for chronic pharyngitis: home remedies

Living with chronic pharyngitis is not pleasant at all. But there are home remedies that can help us relieve their symptoms.It is convenient to do it at the first symptoms, even before the mucus appears.

Although it seems like magic, solarized water is also a very old remedy that gives good results to reduce throat inflammation. It is prepared by placing water in a blue jar or bottle and leaving it in the sun for about two hours. Drink between meals throughout the day, it swells the pharyngeal mucosa.

On the other hand, we can relieve the heat in the throat by placing mustard plasters . If it is mixed with flax seeds it is more effective. Bathing hot water with baking soda on the feet also helps to reduce throat inflammation by relieving chronic pharyngitis .

Chronic pharyngitis: symptoms and treatment

Regarding diet, there are advocates of following an alkaline diet to fight diseases. This diet consists of eating alkaline foods such as fruits, especially citrus fruits, cooked vegetables, legumes, whole grains, raw and unsalted nuts, seeds, garlic and onions. Avoid, however, acidifying foods such as meats, dairy, flour and white sugar.

Following an alkaline diet to relieve chronic pharyngitis can take advantage of the properties of > following foods:

  • Ginger
  • Lemon.
  • Licorice.
  • Malva.
  • Llantén.
  • Propolis.
  • Agrimony.

In addition, some natural products are very effective in relieving pain and other related symptoms. with chronic pharyngitis. The honey is the main one can be consumed pure form or as sweeten tea that relieve dryness and sore throat. One of the most recommended infusions to maintain honey is thyme tea , which should be consumed at least three times a day. The sage tea is also good.

To finish, you can resort to reflexology, which states that holding the tongue with a clean cloth and gently stretching it out while you move it from one side to another, helps to reduce throat inflammation when you have chronic pharyngitis .

Remedy for chronic pharyngitis

Along with the treatment or treatments mentioned, chronic pharyngitis can also be cured with anti-inflammatory preparations, antiseptics or local anesthetics . In addition, the presence of infectious agents in the pharynx may require the use of antibiotic or antiviral drugs , according to the pathogenic problem.

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